Southern California Immigration Project

Dedicated to delivering services to survivors of human rights violations.

About Southern California Immigration Project (SCIP)

Southern California Immigration Project (SCIP) is dedicated to delivering services to survivors of human rights violations by providing pro bono and low bono legal services to immigrants.

Our vision is to help put immigrant survivors of human rights abuses on a path toward safety and healing and empower them to educate others in their communities and beyond and pursue full and thriving lives.

Direct Legal Representation

Our programs and services include pro bono and low bono legal immigration services for survivors of persecution or torture.

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Did You Know?

There are about 34,000 detained immigrants in the United States today.

IRDF is currently occupied by on average 696 detainees (maximum of 704) with an estimated operational cost of $96.43 per inmate per day

The current wait time for a defensive asylum case in Southern California is about 1,023 days.

Imperial Regional Detention Facility (IRDF)
Calexico, CA

San Diego to IRDF: 127 mi.
Los Angeles to IRDF: 228 mi.
Yuma to IRDF: 50 mi.

How To Help:

With your help, SCIP can continue to represent asylum seekers who are unable to afford legal representation. SCIP is also dedicated to conducting community outreach and partnering with psychological health care providers to support survivors of FGM.